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Polishing Hand Scrub- Organic & Vegan

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Lauren B. Beauty Hand Scrub - an eco-friendly exfoliator, potent anti-ager, and hydrator in one. Brighten, soothe, heal chapping and protect against environmental damage. Vitamin E, Aloe Oil, Organic Boabab Oil, Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil,  Sunflower Seed Oil, and Swiss-derived Green apple stem cells combine to revive and smooth the thin skin on your hands.


Polishing Hand & Body Scrub - Organic, Vegan, NO harmful Chemicals

Our Organic Polishing Hand Scrub contains a proprietary blend of potent anti-aging powerhouses such as: Organic Boabab Oil (an ultra lush oil that helps promote cell turnover, thickening thin skin, fading age spots, and smoothing crepiness), Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil,  Sunflower Seed Oil and Vitamin E (these brighten, soothe, and heal chapping while also providing anti-pollution, and antimicrobial benefits. Moreover, our proprietary formula strengthens and softens your skin. The result: A fresher more youthful look for your hands in under a minute! Say goodbye to dry, dull, damaged skin, and hello to beautiful restored, youthful hands!

Rub on Lauren B. Beauty Polishing Hand Scrub, after removing polish, which will help soften ragged cuticles, lift nail staining, and create a smooth canvas for fresh nail polish. Then use once a day to keep hands silky and glowing all year long! Great to use after excessive hand washing to help replenish moisture and exfoliate dry skin. We keep a jar in the shower and one by the kitchen sink. For more information on using our scrub and other products read out 6 Simple Secrets to Protect Your Nails From Winter Weather

Exfoliates without irritation | Leaves hands supple, not slippery | Protects your skin immediately and over time | Offers an ideal manicure prep step | Great for restoring moisture from excessive hand washing/sanitizing.


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Always Vegan, Organic, with no harmful chemicals. Proudly Made in the USA (California).


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