winter ready nails and cuticles

Are Your Nails Winter Ready?

Cold weather is coming (even to us in Los Angeles) -- hence justification for giving your hands and nails some extra TLC. When temperature drops, there’s less moisture in the air, and indoor heat makes it even harder for your skin to hold onto hydration. Unless you faithfully wear gloves, hands have it the worst: frosty temperatures, dry air and frequent hand-washing all take a toll, leading to frayed cuticles and weak nails that peel and crack.

The Antidote:

1. Start moisturizing now, instead of waiting till dryness sets in. I suggest investing in a few bottles of hand crème -- one for home, and others to stash in your car, your purse and your gym bag – so you can rub some on throughout the day. Rule of thumb: Every time you wash your hands, reapply hand crème to keep them moisturized. And at least once a week, rub cuticle oil into and around nails. 2. Make sure you’re using the right formula. All hand creams are not created equal. The best are both rich and time-released, meaning that the ingredients sink deeply into your skin and keep infusing it with moisture throughout the day. I love my own formula: It’s made with powerful antioxidants and amino acids to repair skin, and also chock-full of botanical oils, vitamins, aloe and other deep-diving emollients and humectants to soothe and moisturize hands. 3. When out in the elements, bundle up. A great pair of gloves or mittens can go a long way toward ensuring that your hands stay beautiful and healthy during the winter months -- and they feel good, too. To me, it’s all about how you treat yourself as a whole. That gorgeous shade of polish on your fingertips is just the cherry on top.


Lauren B.

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