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Well + Good praises Lauren B!

The seasons are changing and that calls for a few swaps in your getting-ready routine: You’re ditching mesh tops for oversized sweaters, Birkenstocks for boots, and lightweight serums for heavy-duty moisturizers. And when it comes to your manicure, darker mornings usually signal darker hues—but that doesn’t have to be the case. According to Ruth Kallens, founder of Van Court, a non-toxic nail salon in New York City, this season the hues are decidedly moody, but not necessarily gothic. Think pale neutrals to go with your wine-inspired shades. “Clients are really veering towards burgundies, bordeaux, grays, and nudes,” she says. Here, we rounded up versions of the next it-colors for fall—all of which are at least seven-free—to add instant chicness to the hand that’ll be clutching your beloved pumpkin spice latte all autumn long.

LaurenBBeauty HouseOfBlues


Not into going full-on noir? “Dark blue is always a hit during the cooler months,” says Kallens. “The subtle shimmer makes this edgy look chic and even classy.”
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