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We Are 7 Free!

As many of our loyal followers know, at Lauren B we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a more healthy, eco-friendly and beautiful alternative to many of the leading nail polish brands on the market. We are constantly working to develop the highest quality formulas to ensure easy access to products that are safe for both our customers and the environment. With that in mind, we are incredibly excited to introduce our new 7 free formula! Until now, we’ve been proud to provide our customers with a 5 free formula, which was free from 5 very harmful chemicals found in so many well-known nail polish brands. Today, we’re even more pleased to say our polishes are free of 7 harmful chemicals, making our product even more eco-friendly and healthier to use than ever before. You may recognize some of these chemicals we’re referring to: ● Toulene ● Formaldehyde ● Dibutyl Palate (DBP) ● Formaldehyde Resin ● Camphor ● TPHP (and all other related phosphates) ● Xylene And now we’re more than happy that we can help you achieve a gorgeous manicure without fear of the harm that these chemicals can cause! While other nail polish lines have claimed to be 9free, citing two additional chemicals that have long since been eliminated in nail polish by the FDA, our 7 free polish has eliminated chemicals that are still commonly used today. At Lauren B, we believe knowledge about the contents of your beauty products is an incredibly important element when choosing what’s best for you, and we will continue to improve our product and provide you with the knowledge that will give you that power! Here’s to happy, healthy manicures free of harmful chemicals! Xx Lauren B.
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