The perfect Nude for EVERY skin tone.

Drumroll please...... When I was trying to figure out the perfect nude nail polish the answer became very clear. The perfect nude depends on our individual skin tones. Hence the concept of the perfect nude for every skin tone was born. We have worked hard at formulating 5 Drop-dead gorgeous nudes to suit every skin tone, from the lightest to the darkest and every nuance in between. When selecting your perfect nude keep in mind, it should compliment your skin tone, and not make you look washed out. Small hints of color, formulated in the right balance creates the perfect shade. A nude polish will elongate your nails and give you a natural, yet sophisticated look. After all your perfect nude can be just as sexy as a bright color, and a nude nail can be the perfect counterpart to bold jewelry or a bold outfit and is on trend! The Perfect Nude
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