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The Blonde Salad features Lauren B. Beauty!

the blonde salad lauren b. beauty image the blonde salad lauren b. beauty 1 Lauren B.‘s first client was her grandmother, and her first nail salon was set up in a garage. At the age of 15, Lauren preferred to spend her afternoons choosing the warmest tones of nail polish she could wear, rather than going to the beach with her friends. With this kind of passion, Lauren could only end up working in the world of beauty: that is exactly how she decided to turn her addiction to trends, colors and polishes into her life’s dream job. the blonde salad lauren b. beauty 2 After multiple experiences in the field of luxury beauty, Lauren started her own line of nail polish, Lauren B. Beauty, choosing ingredients and shades with great passion. Lauren always tries to include quality, brilliance and a deluxe user experience into her products, paying particular attention to creating a long-lasting polish. the blonde salad lauren b. beauty 3 Her line of nail polish is so refined that it could be called “nail couture”, and it is suitable for all skin tones. These polishes are very easy to apply, and your manicure will last up to two weeks without showing any damage. As for colors, Lauren and her team draw inspiration from catwalk shows and from the beauty of landscapes around LA, while the ingredients are all made in the USA, and they are also vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. the blonde salad lauren b. beauty 5 nude tones, plus 60 brighter colors, as well as a bridal collection and a botanical nail care line, to take care of your hands. Could you possibly need anything else? Yes, you could: you can visit the blog section of her website, where you will find tips on the hottest trends each season, and on what nuances to pick. We are madly in love, how about you?
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