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The Best Nude Nail Polish Shades For Every Skin Tone- July

Nude doesn't have to mean boring.

This story came about for completely selfish reasons. Finding the perfect nude nail polish is something that frustrates me every time I go to the salon. Standing in front of that big wall of bottles, I go for the classic shades like Essie Ballet Slippers, but those cotton candy colors don't quite mesh with my milk chocolate skin. It's not the right nude for me.

That’s why I reached out to celebrity and editorial manicurist Jackie Saulsbery, who has worked with stars like Adele, to put an end to my search once and for all.

“Nude can be several different shades depending on the skin tone,” Saulsbery says. But there are other things to consider, too. “When you’re picking a color, see if you want something to draw the eyes to the hands or if you want something to blend in.” Nude doesn’t have to be boring. You can pick a shade with a gray undertone or something with a touch of shimmer to liven it up.

With her help, I found my new favorite nude shade (Zoya Pasha, see below), and got her tips to help nail down a nude polish for every complexion—plus application advice for a flawless DIY nude manicure.

Saulsbery has tips to help find a nude polish for every complexion.

For Medium Skin:

Medium Skin Self Mag Featuring Lauren B Love.

While pink can wash out fair skin, it blends right in on olive skin types. Saulsbery recommends something that is somewhere between sheer and opaque. Classic white looks great on this complexion, too.

On model: Lauren B. Beauty Nail Polish in Love. ($18,

Read the full article here and find your perfect nude skin tone.

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