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Q:What can facilitate the growth of my nails?

A: Everyone’s nails grow at their own rate and time. In general some people have weaker nails than others. The human nails grows about 1/8 of an inch each month but the right diet and nail care can help stimulate this as well. Vitamin B, Biotin, fatty acids, calcium, iron and sulfur all aid in nail growth. Eating foods that contain these vitamins aid in nail growth. For example, eggs are a good source for Biotin, which promotes hair growth and strength to brittle nails. If eggs aren’t your favorite, you can always supplement your diet with hair, skin & nail vitamins, which are loaded with nutrients to boost growth. When doing housework, or when washing dishes make sure that you wear gloves, to prevent your nails from being in contact with too much water or harmful chemicals. Water separates the nail plate, which can weaken nails causing them to break. Make sure you moisturize hands and cuticles with Lauren B. Beauty Cuticle Oil and Nourishing Hand Crème a couple of times a day, this will bring circulation to the nails which promotes growth. Get, or give yourself manicures often to brush away dead nails cells and to keep the nails well maintained. Stay away from acrylic nails, gels, and acetones that have harsh chemicals in them. For fast growth and healthy nails use my Lauren B. Beauty Nail Growth Serum that will provide a healthy environment for nails strength and growth. After all the perfect manicure is more then just polish, but healthy nails, cuticles, skin and hands. Let your manicure be your best accessory! xx Lauren B. PS. Check out our treatment products here to give your nails, skin and cuticles some extra TLC. LaurenBBeauty Twinpack
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