Natalie Gordon

Nathalie Gordon: Photographer

Tell us a little about yourself, and what you do? Hello! I’m Nathalie, I’m a beauty and lifestyle photographer from London, UK I moved to Los Angeles a year ago in pursuit of sunshine and inspiration. What’s your favorite part about your “job”? and What is your least favorite? My favourite part of my job is seeing images come to life right on the memory card. I do miss shooting on film, but clients all want images like yesterday so it's quite a challenge to convince them not to shoot digital. My least favourite thing is packing away all my kit. I’m always tempted not to but my father always told me to “take care of your things and they will take care of you” so I’d be silly not to listen. What is your favorite thing to do on downtime? My favourite thing to do on my downtime is to paint my nails and peruse the internet for inspiration for photo shoots that I want to do. What are your must have beauty products? What can't you leave the house without? I can’t live without hand moisturizer and blusher, oh and mascara! What is one piece of advise that someone told you when starting out that you felt was valuable and stuck with you? Hmmm, I’m lucky to have been given a lot of advise over the years, the one thing I learnt was to organize and catalogue my images. You don’t quite realize how much you shoot till you look back through your hard rives and anyone could call you at any moment and ask for a version of an image they have already seen, so you need an easy system to find images you’ve already shot. What is your favorite song right now? My favourite song right now is… ‘She Don't' by Ella Mai if you haven’t heard her check her out, she is a fellow Brit! What places are on your travel bucket list? I really want to go to Japan! Other places include Peru, Kenya, Columbia, Morocco What inspired you to become a photographer? I got into photography via music videos. I used to sit and watch MTV for hours after school. I originally wanted to direct music videos but I found the story telling a little too complicated for me. I wanted to tell stories but in a less chaotic way. I switched to photography and then fell in love with how colourful and fun I could make it.
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