Nails Inspired by Henna In Venice

Nails Inspired by Henna In Venice

One of the things I love about living in LA is that it is so easy to be inspired by my surroundings. Walking down the Venice Beach boardwalk I always experience something unique and exciting, whether it be watching the street performers or working out with the gym enthusiasts at Muscle Beach, but if I were to choose my favorite part of Venice Beach it would have to be getting Henna Tattoos. When I got my tattoo this time, I realized my nails looked so plain next to the amazing art on my hand so I decided to create a henna nail art that was just as fantastic. For my design I used Lauren B. Venice Beach Venus (appropriately so), Hollywood Land, and Paparazzi. I used Hollywood Land as the base and Paparazzi for the henna design. Venice Beach Venus was added to give my nails that extra pop of color. This nail look will have the crowd more focused on your nails than any other art in the room!

henna 1

Step 1: Apply Lauren B. Nail Perfecter to get rid of any imperfections on your nail bed. Let dry 1-2 min

henna 2

Step 2: For the base colors, apply 1-2 coats of Venice Beach Venus and Hollywood Land to the two accents nails. Let dry for 3-4 minutes.

henna 3

Step 3: For the accents nails, use our black polish, Paparazzi, and with a thin brush draw two “V” on the nail beds. Then draw half circles to both sides of the V shape. Once you’ve drawn the half circles, place 2-3 dots on each of the half circles. henna 4 Step 4: Finish off with Gel Like Top Coat for the perfect ending to a great manicure. henna 5



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