Nails Inspired by Fred Segal

Nails Inspired by Fred Segal

fred segal

If ever you find yourself on the streets of Los Angeles you should consider adding the iconic Fred Segal to your list of pit stops if you’re looking for the full LA experience. Fred Segal opened its doors in Melrose in 1960 as a clothing retailer and has since been built into a fashion powerhouse containing only the most high-end couture all over the world. Very popular with the LA natives, Fred Segal is that one place you are guaranteed a celebrity siting, which is just an add-on to the Fred Segal experience. So in order to celebrate Fred Segal and all of its fabulousness I decided to dedicate a nail design based on their logo. I used our Lauren B. HollywoodLand, Aire of Bel-Air, and Rodeo Drive to create a paintbrush affect to the nails. Whether you’re going for subtle and chic or bright and festive this manicure can accessorize any outfit.

Step 1: Paint nails with one coat of our Lauren B. Nail Perfecter base coat. Let dry 1-2 min. Step 2: Apply 1-2 coats of HollywoodLand and let dry for 1-2 min.

fred segal nail

Step 3: Apply a droplet of HollywoodLand, Aire of Bel-Air, and Rodeo Drive to a piece of paper for easy access and grab a brush to apply the desired brush strokes.

fred segal nail art

Step 4: Apply Gel-Like Top coat to make your fabulous manicure last, and if you happen to being looking for that perfect festive nail art it just so happens that 4th of July is coming up and nothing says patriotic like a red, white, and blue manicure!

fred segal nail art 2



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