Nail Polish Safety 101 How To Protect Yourself

Nail Polish Safety 101: How to Protect Yourself

Dangerous toxins in nail polish: Sure, you’ve heard about them. But who are we kidding? When shopping for polish, it’s easier to focus on finding that perfect, ultracool shade. If you’re into exposing your body to toxins that are known to cause cancer and harm reproductive health, stick with that approach. But if you want to feel truly great about your nail polish — as in, it looks gorgeous but is also free of toxic chemicals that can mess with you from head to toe — you need to learn one term and learn it good: “5-free.”

“5-free” means the formula is free of the five major chemicals that are commonly used in nail polish and are known to be harmful:

• Toulene

• Formaldehyde

• Dibutyl Palate (DBP)

• Formaldehyde Resin

• Camphor

These ingredients were originally used to help polish adhere better and boost shine and flexibility. What we know now is that they’re cancer-causing agents that have been linked to hormonal disruptions, miscarriages and even birth defects. They can also irritate your skin, throat and eyes and cause dizziness and headaches.

I worked long and hard to create a “5-free” nail polish that you can feel good about. Not just good, but good good: My formulas are safe, high-performing and available in the coolest, most flattering shades of the moment.

But you might also see polishes marked “3 free” or even “9 free.” What does it all mean?

A “3-free” nail lacquer does not contain the first 3 ingredients in the list shown above. “5-free” polishes exclude all of those ingredients. Anything above “5-free”? It’s a marketing gimmick. Since these terms aren’t regulated by the FDA, many brands claim that they’re free of ingredients that aren’t even used in nail polishes! Gluten-free, sugar-free, lead-free, animal-product free, GMO-free… the list goes on. Moral of the story: Read your labels, use common sense, and when in doubt, ask questions. I’m always available at tk email address to help you sift through the clutter.

At Lauren B. Beauty, we studied each harmful toxin and why it was used in nail polish in the first place. Then we didn’t rest until we found a healthy replacement.

Developing a high-quality, 5-free nail polish isn’t easy. The ingredients, research and technology cost more. But the end result — luxurious, eco-friendly, long-lasting, ultra-shiny formulas with no downside? That makes it all worth it.

xx – Lauren B.

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