Nail Inspired by Piña Colada’s at Paradise Cove

Nail Inspired by Piña Colada’s at Paradise Cove

As I’m sitting here at work I can’t help but daydream of an ice-cold Piña colada with my toes scrunched in the sand at Paradise Cove. “The only restaurant right on the sand with its own private beach and cove”, Paradise Cove is one of those go to places if you live in LA or if ever you find yourself in LA. Like everything else in LA, Paradise Cove is home to many famous movies and TV shows such as Gidget, The OC, and Baywatch. For this week, instead of sitting at the beach, I did the next best thing, a Paradise Cove inspired nail design using Hollywood Land and Coral Canyon. A simple design with the base representing a piña colada and the end tip the fabulous drink umbrella. So before you go on that slow motion run across the beach make sure your nails look the part too!


Step 1: Start off with some of our fabulous Lauren B Nail Perfecter for the perfect base coat. Let dry for 1-2 min.


Step 2: Next apply 2 coats of both Coral Canyon to two of your fingers and Hollywood Land to the other three nails. Let dry for 3-4 min. Step 3: Grab a small brush and nail polish remover to remove a triangle shape from the end of your accent nails. (Tip: old makeup brushes work great!) Step 4: Apply a small triangle sliver to the ends of the accent nails while still leaving a negative space. pina colada 3 Step 5: Top of the nail with Gel-Like Top coat to create a flawless finish. final
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