LBB says Recycle


Did you know nail polish is supposed to be recycled?

We all know the struggle of having to part ways with our favorite shade of nail polish. Maybe it is starting to get too thick to wear, or maybe your bottle is empty. You’ve tried thinners and every other trick in the book but you can’t hold back the inevitable….. It’s time to say goodbye, so do you throw it in the regular garbage with last nights dinner? NO! Did you know that nail polish is considered household hazardous waste (even 5,7,10 free formulas) and disposing it with your regular trash is harmful to the environment? Nail polish can contain harmful chemicals that can contaminate our local watersheds. We have good news, you have options when it comes to recycling your nail polish: Chemwise offers a recycling kit for $78.73 which may not be the most ideal for someone that just wants to recycle 3 polishes, but you could get together with friends, neighbors, and family and share the cost, or create a fun recycling night out of it. Lauren B wants to do its part to help our planet, so we hold Recycling events at least once a month at Whole Foods Markets throughout southern CA. To see when we are planning our next event be sure to follow our social media channels, blog, emails, and check in with your local Whole Foods for program info. Lauren B. Beauty urges you join us, to help us make a difference in protecting our local ecosystems! Lauren B. Beauty will collect ANY nail polishes or products (ANY BRANDS OLD OR NEW) and see that they are properly and ethically recycled. So, come out to recycle your polish, and help us continue to show that Lauren B. Cares! We hope to see you at an upcoming event!
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