lauren b's do's and don'ts

Lauren B's Do's and Don'ts for Nail Polish Storage

You finally have a second to paint your nails, you sit down grab your nail supplies, look at every color you own and FINALLY decide on the perfect color. You start to open it and…IT WON’T OPEN! At this point you’ve tried everything, even Popeye couldn’t open this bottle after a can of spinach! Well, all of this could be because you are storing your polish incorrectly. Have you ever wondered if there was something you could do to that favorite bottle of nail polish to protect the formula and extend the life of it? If so read on for all of my tips and tricks when it comes to nail polish do’s and don’ts: Do's: Keep polish in cool, dark place with consistent temperature. Keep polish away from sunlight, light exposure. Keep polish stored in upright position. Make sure to clean messy cap threads to avoid the top from getting stuck on or from even possibly letting air into the bottle. Use a small amount of nail polish thinner when polish becomes thick. If you don't have thinner, add clear polish to polish. Don'ts: Store in the bathroom, the temperature is constantly changing. Store your polishes near any sources of heat. Store in the refrigerator, it will slow discoloration and solvent evaporation but it will also make polish thicker. Use acetone to thin nail polish, it will break down the formula until it is a very watery liquid. Remember always paint your nails in a neutral environment. When the temps get warm we all want to spend as much time as possible outside, but painting nails in the sun, or wind is not good and can lead to a messy manicure and change the consistency of your polish too. Protect your polish and store in a safe spot so you can enjoy your polish year round….now, pamper yourself and get back to creating some beautiful mani’s. Share with us using #myLaurenB. Xx Lauren
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