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Know Your Salon Safety

As the number of salons in the US continues to grow rapidly, so do concerns related to unsanitary environments, unsafe products, and the potential harm associated with neglect in these important areas. Getting a routine manicure or pedicure can actually expose you to health hazards you likely hadn’t ever considered! What was once a simple pleasure has become a source of possible health concerns, but worry not! We’re here to provide the information you need to be sure your salon is safe for you. When choosing your salon, be sure to make note of the following key aspects to ensure your experience will be positive. After all, beauty shouldn’t be harmful to your health, and you should never have to compromise quality!

Overall Appearance

- Does the salon appear to be tidy and clean?

- Ask about tool and pedicure tub disinfectant methods

- Strong smell – if your eyes are watering, the chemicals are too strong

- Trust your first impression!

Work Conditions

- Are the conditions acceptable for the manicurists?

- Are the fees for service within the normal market range? (if not, the employees could be receiving little to no pay)

- Does there appear to be positive communication between employees?

Product Options

- Do they provide chemical free polishes and products?

- Can you bring your own products that you’re sure are 5 free or 7 free?

We’re very proud to say we ONLY work with salon partners that offer a higher quality of service and make every effort to provide a less toxic salon environment, so you don’t have to compromise your health to achieve beautiful nails. Paloma, located in Houston TX is the beautiful space that is photographed above. Paloma is one of our favorite non toxic nail spaces, because they prove that both beauty and wellness can coexist. They go the extra mile to make sure each client is treated with the high standards that they set, and will not compromise on quality. Check them out here and if you are in the area go check them out! To take your health and safety one step further, we recommend you explore a waterless manicure for an even longer-lasting, healthier manicure! Check out our previous post about this process here, and to learn more about our salon partners in the US. We hope you visit your nearest salon to experience the difference yourself! Here’s to happy, healthy manicures and higher standards! Xx Lauren B.
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