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International Women's Day

What a year it has been for all women- myself included! I celebrate all of YOU strong women out there who are shaping and changing the world. We need you!

In case you did not know, or could not tell by our name Lauren B. Beauty is a business that was founded, owned and ran by a women (me- Lauren B). I am extremely passionate about supporting other women in business, and creating an environment of empowerment through everything I do and every product I create.

In honor of national women's day, I thought this was the perfect time to share a bit more about my personal journey and story that brought me to start Lauren B.

Lauren B IBE LA
IBE LA 2017

My story.... Rejection is HARD!

During a recent meeting, someone asked me, why nail polish? They suggested the world certainly did not need another nail polish brand. In my daily course of business I meet a lot of people; store buyers, press, investors, and our lovely customers. Each day brings a new set of challenges! This day, in particular, I was feeling quite emotional after being rejected pitching my brand several times in a row and not receiving the outcome I had hoped for.

Sidebar - as some of you know, owning your own business is no joke! Constantly getting up after disappointment and forging ahead is what makes a female business owner tough. I have leaned on my support system a lot these past few years and am so grateful for them.

Later that night I began to think about the conversation from earlier that day. Why was I so emotional about nail polish? Where does my passion come from and how do I tell my story about my journey with my brand Lauren B. Beauty.

The answer lies deep into my childhood. It is a story that I buried, because I thought it was much easier to erase the memory and pretend that time in my life did not exist and move forward. It is certainly easier to talk about all the fun nail polish colors but here goes nothing.....

I did not have many friends growing up in my small east coast town. I was overweight as a child, struggling with my weight constantly and was bullied and picked on in school. I remember regularly feeling very depressed and sad most days. However, there was one thing that brought joy though; and maybe you guessed it - Nail Polish!

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Lauren (and her brother) sporting Electric Blue Nails

Most days I would walk home alone from the bus stop, go into an empty house, turn on Oprah, and pull out my kit of nail polish and nail supplies. I would do my nails in some elaborate designs, colors, patterns, press ons (😉 90’s kid), or even just a fresh manicure in a favorite color. Painting my nails allowed me to control what my nails looked like and how I felt about my body. I found shelter from the negativity of my childhood through the process of doing my nails; but even more so once they were done. My fresh manicure was always perfect to me. Unlike trendy clothing, my manicure always fit; was my best accessory, plus made me feel put together. Nail polish always made me smile and gave me a confidence that invited me to feel fancy as a child and put together as an adult.

Later in life when working in the beauty industry, I connected the dots and saw an opportunity to create a healthier product that fit my lengthy wishlist of demands and it filled a need in the market. While nail polish is not life changing to all, and sounds trivial to some, to me it gets me through some of the toughest times.

Lauren B Panel Discussion
Lauren B speaking at Sophie Uliano's Gorgeous for Green LA event.

So no, the world does not need another nail polish, but by founding Lauren B. Beauty, I want to empower all women to feel beautiful and confident using Lauren B. Beauty; because I honestly want my customers to feel empowered. I create superior nail polish and nail care products so that women can simply look down at their hands or feet and feel confident and remind them to smile! No matter who you are or what you are going through my brand is built on LOVE ❤️. My brand still does this for me every day. No matter your shape, size, or color we ALL deserve to feel beautiful. If I can help the cause then my mission is accomplished. When the world has us feeling defeated- remember, to look down at your nails, reflect and smile, because this too shall pass! As I like to say, “When you give a women the right manicure she can change the world!”

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I love hearing YOUR stories - which inspired me to share mine today in honor of International Women's Day. We all have a journey and a story that shapes us, and I feel that the world is definitely a better place because women are in it. As a female founder, I am passionate about helping and supporting other women through their journeys because together we are better! Together we are strong!

Thank you for reading my story! I hope this inspires you to share your story. I would love to hear from you.



Lauren B

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