instyle talks lauren b and whole foods market cover

Instyle talks Lauren B and Whole Foods Market!

Recycling Your Empty Nail Polish Bottles Just Got a Lot Easier

Recycling nail polish can be some tricky territory—while dumping the bottle and throwing it into the rest of your glass items is the easiest option, we often get paranoid that the formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin from the formula will eventually end up in the water supply and become an immediate threat to wildlife living within oceans and lakes. Especially in terms of older nail lacquers, the ingredient list is chock-full of elements you wouldn't want coming in contact with the environment. Luckily, Lauren B. nail lacquer has teamed up with Whole Foods to take all the guesswork and risk out of the process. Throughout April and May, the beauty brand will have outposts at Whole Foods locations where you can bring in old nail lacquers of any brand, which will then be properly recycled. As a token of appreciation, you'll be given a bottle of the vegan, 5-free, Lauren B. Nail Perfecter Base Coat, which is normally priced at $20. The program is currently running throughout the greater Los Angeles area, though we're keeping our fingers crossed that it becomes a nationwide effort in the near future. Head over to and view the events page to find out when the next recycling event will be in your area, and for more info on the program.
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