Indian Summer Pt 1

Indian Summer Part 1

Indian Summer (noun) a period of mild, dry weather, usually accompanied by a hazy atmosphere, occurring usually in late October or early November and following a period of colder weather.” (

In LA we are known for having notoriously long and late Indian summers that run into fall. Although we love the sunshine and warm weather, and are not complaining we still like to have some resemblance of a proper fall, filled with cool air and pumpkin spice everything. When I think of our Indian summers, I think of beautiful sunsets, and warm colors in the sky, and this faux fall feeling that is in the air. It is this that inspired me to create this Indian summer themed manicure using the colors that reminded me of the very season we are in now.

This time of year, from late august to early/mid-September is so unique and special in California where we have very limited seasonal change. To me this manicure signifies the mixture of summer and fall right on your fingertips. You will see this through the geometric intersection of the warm and cool colors that we used. Being in the heart of LA I have a lot of color inspiration to draw from, and a lot of beautiful nail polish colors that I have created to use for this look… but since we only have 10 fingers I selected 3 that spoke “Indian Summer” to me; they are Vintage on Vine, Laurel Canyon Lover and Sunset Tower, you can shop them all here ( The final look came out beautiful, and would be a perfect conversation mani for this time of year. If you want to get this look at home, and if you are as obsessed with this nail art as I am be sure to check back in tomorrow for a full step by step tutorial on this Indian summer inspired nail art.

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