how to remove nail polish from skin around nail

How to remove nail polish from skin around nails

I often get asked, how do I get my nails to look like yours? Or do you do your own nails really? They look so neat and clean— mine would never look this neat, especially not my right hand. …..Well ladies YES I always do my own nails, and even if you are not a nail professional you can use some easy hacks and follow these tricks to make your nails look polished, and perfect on your own. I am sharing my secrets so that you can have the perfect salon looking manicure on your own in a few easy steps. Before applying nail polish, I use a Q-tip to smear a thin layer of Vasoline around my cuticles. Be careful not to get it on your nails but just around the edges of your skin. The Vasoline will act as a repellant to any excess nail polish. If it does get on the skin, no worries just let your nails dry completely and then go ahead and wipe off the Vasoline and excess polish together. It should come off cleanly in one swipe. The plus with this hack is that your cuticles get some extra protection and moisture while you are painting them. If this seems overwhelming to you, have no fear…there is another option. If I am in a rush, I tend to use this trick, but it is all personal preference. You will need an angled makeup brush and some liquid nail polish remover. For home use, I unscrew the top of my remover then pour a small amount of liquid remover in the top so you are using it as a small container. You do not need a lot of remover for this. Dip your small angled brush into the liquid and use the brush to clean up any messy areas along the nail/ cuticle. Even if you are not perfect at this it will still give your outer line of polish a clean and crisp look. If you tend to smudge your nails, or cant sit still long enough to let your nails dry….don’t worry there is a remedy for this too. You can use one of our top coats to smooth out the smudge, if you catch it soon enough, while it is still new. If it is a really deep smudge, or is stubborn and won’t smooth out, take your small angled brush and a bit of remover to smooth out the smudge. Use only a small amount of remover for this. Top coat is wonderful (especially our gel like top coat) not only because it protects your nails and locks in your mani, but because it will hide any slight imperfections, smooth out any smudges, and plump up your nail polish giving it a perfected smooth salon look. Practice makes perfect, so don’t give up. Invest in the right tools, and products to make your manicures last and look gleaming for days to come! XX - Lauren B.
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