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How to Get The Perfect At Home Lauren B. Manicure

Many of you have been asking about our nail polishes, and treatment products. I know it can be overwhelming, so I am going to break it down for you in a few, simple steps. If you follow our guide you are sure to have the perfect manicure for weeks to come! Step 1: Cleanse the nails: You must first start by removing all the old polish, debris, buildup and natural oils from your nails. Place one Lauren B. Nail Polish Remover Pad on your nail. Press down, holding the pad on the nail for about 10-15 seconds, then pull off using a slight side-to-side motion, while still pressing down on the nail. The polish should come off cleanly, if not repeat this process until all of the polish is removed. (HINT: Our pads are acetone free and contain strawberry blossom oil that will help remove dead skin cells so that new, young skin can grow. Wash the excess oil from the pad off of the nails with a gentle hand soap, we LOVE the Philip B. Lavender Hand Wash loaded with just the right balance of cleansing agents and amino acids to leave skin silky smooth.) Perfectmanicure 1 Step 2: Shape the nails. Choose a shape that fits with your natural nail bed. Currently, I love the short square look on myself. File the nail in desired shape but don’t rub back and forth. It is important to file in the same direction so you do not get splitting nails. This will also reduce peeling and breakage. Remember to mirror the shape of your cuticle when filing the nail. Step 3: Buff the nails Buffing the nails before a manicure removes the dead nail and will also make your manicure last longer by giving you a smooth starting point. Simply buff the nail, don’t buff too much, or press too hard. You want to lightly rub your buffer along the nail bed a few times back and fourth. Step 4: Cuticle treatment It is important for your cuticles and surrounding skin area to appear pristine, hydrated and remain in tact. Cuticle oil helps prevent against damage to the cuticle and nail. (If you have dry peeling cuticles, or work with your hands do not skip this step!) If needed push cuticle back with a cuticle pusher, then brush a generous amount of Lauren B. Cuticle Oil on the cuticle of your nails. It is okay if some excess oil gets on your skin, rub it in and let it soak. (HINT: the longer the better, but 1-2 minutes is plenty). Once you are through with this step, wash hands again with Philip B. Lavender Hand Wash. (Our formula is a highly concentrated blend of carrier and essential oils derived from fruit, plant and nuts. It was created to sink deep into your skin and plump and moisturize from the inside out.) Perfectmanicure 2 EXTRA: Apply a dollop of Lauren B. Nourishing Hand Crème to hands and skin to replenish moisture to your skin. (Our crème contains peptides, retinols and amino acids to sink deep into your skin providing all day moisture and will prevent wrinkles or skin imperfections.) Try to avoid nail beds, so that your polish will apply correctly. Perfectmanicure 3 (Bonus take my Nail and Cuticle click pen with you on the go to rehydrate your dry cuticles keeping them nourished and feeling soft and sleek all the time. And if you have troubled nails that just won’t grow, use my nail enhancing serum 1-2 times a day by applying a thin coat at the base of nail.) Perfectmanicure 4 Step 5: Paint the nails (yayyy the fun color part) I like to say it’s a crime not to prime! Our satiny, fast-drying basecoat doesn’t simply create a smooth canvas for polish; it also protects your nails, and extends the life of your manicure. Paint the nails with a single coat of Lauren B. Nail Perfecter; this is one of our favorite basecoats. Perfectmanicure 5 Next, pick one of Lauren B.’s perfect polishes and paint one to two coats of color onto the nail. Remember to seal the nail when painting, meaning paint the tip of the nail with color, and topcoat to reduce chipping. I like to say each nail should get no more than 4 brush strokes (the tip of nail first, then left or right side of nail then center to smooth over). Perfectmanicure 6 Lastly, coat the nail with either the Lauren B. Gel-Like Topcoat or Dual/Base Topcoat. Our Gel-Like Topcoat is perfect for those looking for a long-lasting, plump gel-like manicure. For those who like to change polish daily or twice a day then the dual topcoat is a great option for you too! Voila, you will have flawless nails without spending a fortune in a salon! Perfectmanicure 7 If you follow my easy steps then you too will have the perfect Lauren B. Manicure wherever you are! Enjoy and don’t forget to share your nail pics with us on social media using #laurenbbeauty!
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