Give Your Nails a Break—Here’s How to Master the Clean Mani Look

Give Your Nails a Break—Here’s How to Master the Clean Mani Look


One thing that may surprise many people is that even though I write about beauty productstrends, and treatments for a living, I don’t enjoy making trips to the nail salon. As much as I love the look of a professional manicure, I don’t love the cost, time commitment, or damage that can come with them. Because I never go to the nail salon, I’ve had no choice but to master nail care at home. My nails take a beating every day by typing endlessly (it comes with the job), so I often forgo polish and focus on creating a really clean manicure look. If anyone knows how to stop polish from chipping—please hit me up. 

Over the years, these are the tips and tricks I’ve used to ditch polish and enjoy a clean, healthy nail style. 


If you do decide you want a glam nail look that won’t chip—without all the damage that comes with a gel salon manicure—the Lauren B Nail Wraps are a really fun solution. They couldn’t be easier to apply, are super gentle on your nails, and last up to two weeks. The strips are made of real gel polish so you get all the durable shine of gel without the hassle. Not to mention, the potential skin and nail cancer risks that come with the UV light required during a gel manicure at a salon. Additionally, all that UV light can lead to premature aging. So why not skip it?

The Takeaway

You don’t need long acrylics, fancy nail art, or vibrant colors to ensure your nails look good. If a professional manicure is your favorite way to treat yourself then go for it! But if you want to simplify your beauty routine, then making it a point of regularly cleaning and smoothing out your nails, while keeping your hands nice and moisturized, will do the trick. 

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