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Estela Cockrell: Switch2Pure

Tell us a little about yourself, and what you do? I am a mom, wife, philanthropist, and as of late an entrepreneur. I am super excited about the ecommerce and monthly subscription I have created at or @switch.2pure. Specifically, to put pure + clean + natural + non-toxic beauty, skincare and home products into yours and many hands. What was the inspiration to start Switch2Pure? I have struggled with many of my own diagnosis and unexplained illnesses over the course of nearly 2 decades. I have been told I have Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease, autoimmune and blood disorders (to name just a few). Through the fatigue, imbalances, difficulties with many systems including my hormone, gut, heart, I started to clean up my act. I saw many health practitioners around the country (MDs, specialists, naturopaths, Chinese medicine doctors, Functional Medicine doctors and nutritionists). After I started to cleanse and rid my body of all of the toxins, I began to feel SO much better. And at that time, it became clear…..there must be thousands of people out there who are suffering with an autoimmune (like myself or my son with Celiac), or cancer (too many friends to count) or people who want to do right by their bodies -plain and simple. Often times these people don’t know where to start and need help taking that very first step. No one has time to sort thru the marketing jargon or read ingredient labels line by line. WE as humans are all so overworked, tired and busy. It just seemed like the perfect balance of sharing, relating, and starting a community I personally wanted to be a part of…. ‘Safer, made simple’! What do you look for in beauty products, and what criteria do you use on a product before you give it your stamp of approval? I look for non-toxic, high quality, natural, but effective skincare and beauty products. I am the queen of efficiencies in all facets of my life. The same is true for my beauty routines. I like to find products that help me look naturally pretty while also helping protect me from premature aging. I always stay ‘on trend’ (or the parts I like that are trending) and LOVE pops of color and metallic. As for non-toxic – at S2P we consulted with an amazing scientific team to create our own list called the Purist List. It is a list of well substantiated chemical/toxins (allergens, carcinogens, neurotoxins etc) that shouldn’t be on our skin or in our bodies. No surprise that this list contains most of what is banned in EU, Japan, Australia to name a few. What are your must have beauty products or beauty regimen? What can't you leave the house without? I always wear my Suntegrity tinted facial sunscreen, Au Naturale lip stain and gloss, blush or bronzer, and last and never least my Lauren B. Beauty nail polish – currently obsessed with Departing LAX for my toes and Vows over Pacific for my nails (admittedly I bite my nails – awful I know, but I try to have my nails done always to help this cause). What is one piece of advise that someone told you when starting out that you felt was valuable and stuck with you? To ask yourself this one question:”What are you scared of?” Once you realize what “that” thing is and can actually look at “it” in the face it doesn’t seem near as daunting! What is your guilty pleasure? I hardly drink alcohol for many reasons….so a sunny beach or a sunny day with friends and Rose, Sancerre, or champagne is amazing. Where do you see Switch2 Pure in the next 2-5 years ? What other exciting things do you have in store? Well, success. I see success. If I help 1, 100, 10,000 or ONE MILLION people who have been in a dark place with autoimmune, cancer, or sleepless nights with a newborn. If I give even some of those people joy and peace of mind with the use of our multibrand products, then this entire journey will have been worth its weight in GOLD (nail polish)! I see the continuation of this fun and new chapter. I see new relationships made with amazing entrepreneurs. And, I see my time with my precious family slipping by way too quickly…so I will be relishing in that too! What is your definition of beauty? My definition of beauty is simple. It is a glow from within. When there is true joy, beauty on the outside is the glorious unintended consequence. This beauty can take so many different forms.. Do you have a “must read” book recommendation for young Entrepreneurs ? The Lean Start Up. Favorite vacation spot? Vacation with family – Mukul, Nicaragua. Vacation with friends – Cheval Blanc-St. Barths. Any beauty tips or hacks you like to share? So many ladies are intimidated by makeup application. It is an art form, but don’t let that scare you into not trying it. Start slowly build from a good foundation and don’t be afraid of color. It should always be fun!
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