Do Gel Nail Wraps Damage Nails? An Expert Insight from Lauren B.

Do Gel Nail Wraps Damage Nails? An Expert Insight from Lauren B.

At Lauren B. Beauty, we take nail health seriously. With years of research, development, and firsthand experience in nail care, we're equipped to address a frequent question we encounter: "Do gel nail wraps damage nails?"

Healthy Nails


  1. Composition:

The composition of the gel nail wrap plays a significant role in its impact on nails. High-quality gel nail wraps, like those we produce, are made to adhere smoothly without causing nail strain. They're also designed to avoid the use of harmful chemicals, ensuring no adverse effects on the nail bed.

  1. Removal:

Most damage, if any, often occurs during the removal process. According to a study in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, improper removal can lead to nail thinning. However, by using proper techniques, like soaking and gentle pushing instead of peeling or scraping, one can ensure minimal nail damage.

  1. Breathability:

The health of the nail depends on its ability to breathe. Our gel nail wraps are developed keeping this in mind. They're designed to be semi-permeable, allowing essential moisture exchange.

Gel Nail Wraps Healthy

Lauren B. Beauty has been at the forefront of the nail care industry, working alongside dermatologists, and nail technicians. Our recommendations are rooted in expert opinions, customer feedback, and rigorous testing.

We pride ourselves on transparency. Our gel nail wraps are created keeping the user's health as a priority, avoiding harmful chemicals and ensuring easy, safe removal. We're committed to sharing nail care knowledge, offering tutorials, and providing guidance on the proper use of our products.

While certain nail products in the market might be harmful, it's essential to choose reputable brands and follow recommended usage guidelines. Gel nail wraps, when of high quality and used correctly, are a safe option for those looking for a long-lasting nail design without the damage. Always prioritize nail health, and when in doubt, consult with nail care professionals. Lauren B. Beauty is here to support your journey to beautiful, healthy nails.


Author Credentials:

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Lauren B.

Founder/ CEO of Lauren B. Beauty & Nail Care Industry Expert

 With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Lauren Berkovitz, an industry expert and fashion trend-setter; she founded the nail care company Lauren B in 2013, which produces over 100 products that are sold through boutiques, high-end salons and spas, natural food markets, and department stores in over 15 countries. Prior to founding Lauren B., Lauren was the Vice-president for a luxury hair care product company, where she was integral in the growth of the business.

Lauren B. was founded upon the principles of elevating nail care for busy women without compromising their health for beauty. Lauren B. takes a holistic approach to nail care ,offering beautiful, luxury and eco-friendly products that are vegan, 7-free of harmful chemicals, and proudly made in the U.S.A.


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