Do Gel Nail Wraps Come in the Curators Club, Lauren B. Subscription Box? Delving Deep with Lauren B. Beauty

Lauren B. Beauty stands as an emblem of luxury and innovation in the nail care world. Being the pioneers in curating unique nail experiences, we’re here to shed light on what our subscribers can expect in our celebrated subscription boxes.

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1. Subscription Box Content:

Our subscription box is a thoughtfully curated selection of the latest and most loved Lauren B. Beauty products. We aim to give our subscribers a taste of the best, season after season.

 2. Gel Nail Wraps Inclusion:

Given the rising demand and the popularity of gel nail wraps, it is only fitting that we include them in our subscription boxes. We rotate the designs, ensuring our subscribers always have access to fresh and trendy nail art without the salon visit.

 3. Feedback and Reviews:

A quick glance at our subscriber feedback highlights the excitement and anticipation for the gel nail wraps. Their ease of use and longevity make them a favorite.

Lauren B. Beauty doesn’t just create nail products; we set the trends. Our subscription box has been featured in multiple beauty magazines and blogs (check out our press) often highlighting the inclusion of our premium gel nail wraps as a major perk.

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Transparency is our forte. Our subscribers know what they’re signing up for – unparalleled quality and the thrill of discovery. Our product descriptions, tutorials, and customer service are geared towards ensuring our subscribers make the most of each product, gel nail wraps included.

Yes, our Lauren B. Subscription Box does indeed feature our coveted gel nail wraps, among other premium products. Subscribers can look forward to a delightful mix of classics and new launches, with the gel wraps being a consistent favorite. Dive into a world of nail luxury with Lauren B. Beauty, where quality meets innovation.


Author Credentials:

Lauren B.

Founder/ CEO of Lauren B. Beauty & Nail Care Industry Expert

With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Lauren Berkovitz, an industry expert and fashion trend-setter; she founded the nail care company Lauren B in 2013, which produces over 100 products that are sold through boutiques, high-end salons and spas, natural food markets, and department stores in over 15 countries. Prior to founding Lauren B., Lauren was the Vice-president for a luxury hair care product company, where she was integral in the growth of the business.

Lauren B. was founded upon the principles of elevating nail care for busy women without compromising their health for beauty. Lauren B. takes a holistic approach to nail care ,offering beautiful, luxury and eco-friendly products that are vegan, 7-free of harmful chemicals, and proudly made in the U.S.A.


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