Dailymail features lauren b

DailyMail features Lauren B in Bridal Fashion Week

Something blue! After Bridal Fashion Week comes to an end, a backstage manicurist reveals pretty BLUE nail art ideas perfect for your wedding day

  • Spring 2018 Bridal Fashion Week wrapped up Sunday
  • Manicurist Naomi González-Longstaff, who was behind the nail art at Sachin & Babi's collection, shares her tips for incorporating blue nail polish into your look
  • Shop subtle blue nail polish shades from brands like Zoya, Deborah Lippmann and more
Vows Over The Pacific

When choosing a shade of nail polish for your wedding day, blush, rose, seashell, petal and ballet slipper pink are all solid options, but for a look with a little more personality and pizzazz, you might want to look toward the other end of the rainbow.

Naomi González-Longstaff, lead manicurist for Zoya, declares blue 'the new pink', which is good news for any bride who has yet to figure out what her 'something blue' is going to be.

When conceptualizing the look for the Sachin & Babi show during Bridal Fashion Week in New York City a few days ago, she experimented with a pale blue shade from Zoya called Blu for a modern twist.

'We didn't want to take away from the gowns' elegance, but the fabric has hues of soft pastel blue in it, and we decided that would be our inspiration in creating the look,' she said.

A behind the scenes look (below) at the various designs she dreamt up ahead of the show is rife with inspiration for brides to be.

The nail artist shows that a blue shade can be used as a French tip over a coat of sheer pink polish or painted alongside an opaque white color at the tip in a diagonal or curved line.

Naomi also suggests dotting blue over a white or sheer design for a fun finish. The dots can be placed 'across the nail, on a diagonal, in the middle or even behind the nail'.

In addition to Blu, another icy hue we have our eyes on is Lauren B. Vows Over the Pacific.

The grey-tinged tone is from the brand's new bridal collection that otherwise features pretty pinks and classic neutrals. According to the brand, 'because it has milky undertones it's easier to wear than most blue polishes.'

But if you're more into Tiffany blue or bright periwinkle, there's the perfect 'something blue' out there for you. Read more click here

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