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Cosmopolitan gets Valentine's Day ready with Lauren B.

7 Adorable Valentine's Day Nail Art Looks

Because nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a pastel French mani.


cosmopitan valentine's day 1. Apply basecoat and then top your nails with two coats of a pastel blue polish.Helin used Essie Nail Polish in "Borrowed and "Blue." Allow it to dry for a few minutes.

2. Draw an eye on your pinky nail. Using a striper brush and black polish, create an almond shape for the eye and give it lashes. Use the large end of a dotter tool to give it an eye color, and then the smaller end to give it a pupil using the same black polish. Helin chose a bright blue. Try Wet n' Wild Wild Shine Nail Color in "Black Creme" and Zoya Nail Polish in "Cecilia."

3. Create a heart with pink polish on your ring finger using a striper brush, and then a "U" with black lacquer. Clean the striper brush off with acetone polish so you don't mix the two colors. Use the black polish from step two and a pink polish like Lauren B. Beauty in "Clueless."

4. Write "SOOO" on your middle finger with black polish and a striper brush.

5. Draw a coffee cup on your nail in white polish using a striper brush. With white opaque polish, create a circle as the top of the cup and add a horseshoe shape to the bottom to create the actual cup. Fill in the horseshoe, then draw a handle on the cup. Once that dries, add some pastel lime polish as the matcha tea. Try Nars Nail Polish in "Ecume"and RickyColor in "Hudson Valley Getaway."

Next, create the saucer by drawing another circle under cup, and outline the outer corner of it in black polish with the striper brush. Use the same black polish and striper brush to create eyes and a mouth on the cup, as well as steam lines coming out of the matcha tea.

Finally, clean off your striper brush and use the pink polish from step three to give the cup some blushing cheeks.

6. Draw "Bae" or your significant other's name on your thumbnail in black polish.

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