My Favorite Beach - Lauren Berkovitz 2 There's something about California—land of eternal sunshine and gorgeous coastlines—that we find infintely inspiring. Seems we're not the only ones, as today's My Favorite Beach isn't a far-flung locale but the beach next door, as recounted by nail polish maven Lauren Berkovitz of Lauren B beauty. Meet you at El Matador? "I love the feeling of my toes in the sand at my all-time favorite beach, El Matador beach in Malibu. It’s nestled right off of the PCH and is a bit more secluded then some of the other well-known Malibu beaches. I live fairly close to this beach and it’s where you can find me often lounging on the beach in the summertime with a good book, in the wintertime for a walk along the shore, or for bringing my dogs to run around. My fiancé and I even took our engagement photos here last year because its a special place to us and provides so much beauty year round. The waves and sand inspired two of my nail polish shades, Malibu Beach and Zuma Beach Bum, however the color inspiration in endless! Matador Beach is my ultimate haven for inspiration and clear thinking." -Lauren Berkovitz. 1 To Read More Articles like this go to
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