Barely There Nail Couture

One trend that is very chic and popular throughout Europe and now sweeping the runways is the bare nail. Can you imagine a day without nail color? Neither did I until I saw such elegant women roaming the streets of Paris and on Porsche Designs runway for New York Fashion Week. I’ve come to the conclusion that the trend of bare nails is becoming more popular because of all the chaotic nail designs from years past. Spring is the season of renewal, so this trend is perfect to signify that fresh and clean start. Bare nails are tres magnifique! Many women embrace this look to show off rings…diamond engagement rings to be exact. It’s rumored that one particular Kardashian flaunted a barely there mani in anticipation of her recent engagement!

So, its time to go bare, and wipe off that nail color with a blossom scented Lauren B. Beauty remover pad, very spring appropriate if I do say so myself! To achieve this stylish look just follow The Perfect Manicure step by step (see my past blog entry for instructions) and finish off your look with the dual base top coat or gel like top coat to transport yourself right onto the Champs Elysee; because everybody knows nothing is better than Paris in spring time…..Okay, well it’s a close second to Beverly Hills! For a great matte bare nail apply the Lauren B nail perfecter without a topcoat for a smooth and natural finish. If you’re not ready to go completely bare you can still go for a neutral look with any one of our classic nude’s from the Lauren B. Beauty Nude Collection. The point of this look is to create a clean canvas on your fingertips, for a chic yet sophisticated break from the colors and patterns of seasons past! Voila, embrace the new beginnings!bare nail kimk

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