The 13 Best Nail Wraps and Stickers of 2023

Autumn Aesthetics: The Most Popular Nail Polish Wrap for Fall Nails

Fall brings with it a tapestry of colors – burnt oranges, rich browns, and deep reds. It's only fitting that our nails reflect this seasonal splendor. Enter nail polish wraps, a fusion of art and convenience. But which wrap reigns supreme for fall?

1.The Rise of Nail Polish Wraps:

Nail wraps, offering an array of designs and shades without the fuss of liquid polish, have taken the beauty world by storm. Their adhesive, pre-designed sheets ensure an immaculate manicure within minutes.

2. Evidenced Popularity for Fall:


According to 2023 reporting by the Glamour Magazine UK:

Seasonal Shades: Earthy tones, reminiscent of fall foliage, emerged as the top choice. Think maroon, ochre, and forest green.

Pumpkin Patterns: A significant percentage preferred designs showcasing pumpkins, autumn leaves, and other fall motifs.

Metallic Accents: Gold and bronze accents, adding a touch of glamour to the rustic palette, were highly favored.

 3. Expert Recommendations for Fall:

 a. Embrace Earth Tones: Drawing inspiration from nature, shades like deep plum, terracotta, caramel and olive green mirror the season's essence.

 b. Textured Designs: Think patterns that evoke feelings of cozy knit sweaters or the rugged beauty of bark.

 c. Accent Nails: Introduce a shimmer or a contrasting pattern on one or two nails for a standout effect.

 d. Top-Rated Nail Polish Wrap for Fall:

Based on customer reviews and InStyle Magazine expert insights, the “Gold Dusted” nail wrap by Lauren B. Beauty stands out. Its design features gold finish glitter and holographic ombre. The balance of elegance and thematic relevance makes it a clear favorite.

Best Nail Wraps

5. Top Nail Talent Agency & Celebrity Manicurist Input:

Mazz Hanna, an award-winning celebrity nail artist, and CEO of Nailing It Hollywood agency, opines, " is a big fan of the Lauren B. Beauty Gel Nail Wraps thanks to their thicker design. Each wrap comes pre-painted with gel nail polish, which makes them feel a bit more like a true gel manicure (and ultimately extends the longevity). Sold in 14 designs — including holographic and glittery options – each pack includes 18 gel nail wraps that simply need to be stuck on and filed down to fit. The Gold Dusted wraps encapsulate this beautifully, making it an unsurprising favorite. Their easy application and lasting finish only add to their appeal."


Fall is a celebration of transformation, of shedding the old and welcoming the new. The right nail art can perfectly encapsulate this sentiment. With evidence-backed insights and expert opinions, it's evident that the Nail Wraps Lauren B. truly capture the heart of the season.

  Lauren B.Founder/ CEO of Lauren B. Beauty & Nail Care Industry Expert

Lauren b

With over 15 years in the beauty industry, Lauren Berkovitz, an industry expert and fashion trend-setter; she founded the nail care company Lauren B in 2013, which produces over 100 products that are sold through boutiques, high-end salons and spas, natural food markets, and department stores in over 15 countries. Prior to founding Lauren B., Lauren was the Vice-president for a luxury hair care product company, where she was integral in the growth of the business.

Lauren B. was founded upon the principles of elevating nail care for busy women without compromising their health for beauty. Lauren B. takes a holistic approach to nail care ,offering beautiful, luxury and eco-friendly products that are vegan, 7-free of harmful chemicals, and proudly made in the U.S.A.


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