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6 Simple Secrets to Protect Your Nails From Winter Weather

Lauren B Beauty Home Featured Winter Winter weather introduces a whole host of new conditions that can cause serious damage to your nails. Cold winter air, frequent transitions from the cold outdoors to the warm, dry indoors, and extra long hot showers are some of the top offenders when it comes to nail damage. These extreme conditions compound to create an environment that rapidly wicks away moisture, and leaves skin and nails significantly more dehydrated than in the summer months.To help you prepare for the cold weather, we’re here to provide 6 simple secrets to protect your nails from winter weather.
1.) Moisturize
Lotion is not just for your skin i.e. hands and fingers! Moisturizing cuticles with lotion and cuticle oil introduces extra moisture directly into the nail bed as it grows. No need to limit this habit just to bedtime! Keep our no-mess Nail & Cuticle Balm in your purse or at your desk for great midday cuticle refresher.
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2.) Avoid Bare Nails
Keep your nails painted! A fortifying base coat like our Nail Perfecter, any color and top coat act as a seal that holds in your nail’s natural oils and blocks water, soap, and other oxygen from seeping in and pushing healthy oils out. Using products that are gentle and contain healthy nutrients is a great way to make this an even more effective method!
3.) Remove Surface Oils - then reapply them!
Prior to painting your nails, remove surface oils with your favorite Nail Polish Remover. Spoiler! (We’re developing an amazing Acetone-Free liquid remover for 2018…Preorder available soon!) This may sound counterintuitive, but it helps in the long run! Removing just the surface oils helps your nail polish adhere more firmly and evenly to your nail, translating into a manicure that lasts longer--and you won’t need to paint nails (and use even more nail polish remover!) as frequently.
4.) Avoid Waterlogged Nails
Avoid overexposing your nails to water. Nails are porous, just like skin, meaning those extra long, hot showers in the winter are prime time for your nails to absorb too much water. This extra water pushes the good oils around your nails out, and when the water later evaporates, nails are left dry, brittle and prone to breakage and chipping. Remember, having painted nails can help prevent this water absorption in the first place!
5.) Hydrate
Stay hydrated! While we’re typically reminded to drink water during hot summer months, it’s actually just as imperative to hydrate in the winter months. When it’s warm outside, perspiration alone is a clear reminder to sip often. But in the winter, dry air subtly wicks moisture away from the body, with no clear indication it’s happening throughout the day. Keep up with your warm weather water habits to hydrate your nails from the inside out. And on that note, what you eat is just as important! Maintaining a diet rich in protein and Vitamin B will work wonders to keep your nails supple and happy.
6.) Gloves & Mittens On!winter ready nails and cuticles
Finally, bundle up!! Keeping your digits protected from the elements is one of the most effective steps you can take to prevent damage from happening in the first place. Not only are nails physically shielded from breaking, they’re also protected from cold air and wet winter weather that can wick away those vital oils. Whether you’re in a part of the world with a seriously harsh winter, or a place with mild changes from season to season, a little bit of daily maintenance goes a long way in maintaining long-term nail vitality. At Lauren B. Beauty, healthy nails are our priority, and our products are designed to help you easily achieve the highest standard of health in any season. As we enter into these winter months, we wish you a bright season of long-lasting, beautiful manicures!
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