Nail Shapes and your Personality

Nail shaping and filing is an important part of achieving the perfect manicure. There are several techniques for proper filing as well as several shapes to complement your style and nail. What does your nail shape say about you? Are you edgy? Romantic? Classic? Trendy? Or all of the above?! Long, short and sweet, square, stiletto, round, oval, squoval, or almond; whichever nail shape you love, I have you covered! I have dissected the true meaning of your nail shape; by doing so I have painted the perfectly polished image of every freshly filed shape. Get ready to find out what your shape means, which celebrities don your shape and which Lauren B. shade would best fit your shape and personality!

Long nails - You are very feminine with a strong aesthetic sense. With these nails there’s no time for strenuous activity but you still know how to have fun. This style is flirty, girly, and possibly Avant Garde. You tend to be tough and a trendsetter. People would refer to you as a Fashionista or a social butterfly. You are daring, sexy and love a challenge. Celebrities that rock your look: Rihanna and Lady Gaga. The best color palette for your long lustrous nails would be anything bright and bold. Try The “OC”, #ImsoLA and Venice Beach Venus.

Short and sweet - The girl who dons this nail shape is classy and analytical. Often times you have been known to be a perfectionist since you must trim your nails each week to maintain your look. You tend to be conservative, reliable and you like to do more hands on activities. Celebrities that rock your look: Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens. The best way to accentuate your short manicured nails is a solid fun color; experiment with nail art, accent nails or patterns. Try City of Angels, any of our Nudes, No.1–No. 5 Pacific palisades, or Where’s my Oscar? Square Nails - This nail shape is easygoing and relaxed. You are modern, sophisticated and you have good taste. You stick with what you believe in especially when it comes to helping others and staying true to yourself. This style takes on a masculine edge because of the blunt flat tip of the square nail. By wearing your nails square it makes the nails appear longer and graceful. Celebrities that rock your look: Jessica Simpson, and Kim Kardsahian. The best way to show off this shape is to go with a solid fun bold color. Try Rodeo Drive, Malibu Blue, or Sunset Blvd. Stiletto - This shape is definitely more edgy and intense. You aren’t afraid to try new things and you like to experiment with your nails. Careful when filing them to not make them look claw or talon like. Celebrities that rock your look: Fergie and Beyonce. Soften the look of the stiletto nails with softer colors, or for a VERY bold look use some sparkle and glitter. Try City of Angels, Paparazzi, Nude No.1 –No.5, Where’s my Oscar, and Hollywood Blvd. Oval - This style is what I like to call the middle of the road, softer and more feminine than pointy nails. This nail shape helps you play up your romantic side while still showcasing a practical and independent side as well. This shape is very low maintenance. Chic, trendy and suits every nail bed. You are non-aggressive and avoid confrontation. Celebrities that rock your look: Taylor Swift, and Heidi Klum. Glam up that sweet shape with metallic and neutrals. Try Nude No1 – Nude No5, Where’s My Oscar and Downtown Skyline. Round - You seek harmony, are very feminine, caring and romantic. This shape indicates a good nature, and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed which makes nails appear more elegant. Celebrities rocking your look: Kelly Osbourne, and Eva Longoria. To really jazz up this look, try some creative nail paint like an ombre or gradient nail. Try Pacific Palisades and Mulholland Drive together, City of Angels and #ImsoLA together or Aire of Bel-Air and Malibu Beach together. Sqouval - This shape is definitely glamorous and appropriate for the workplace. Rounded edges on a square nail which result in a square-round shape. It’s a compromise between harsher square nails and softer rounded tips. This casual yet sophisticated look works well with medium to long nails. Celebrities rocking your look: Lauren Conrad, and Kate Middleton. To accentuate this elegant shape try solid colors and soft shades. Try City of Angels, Sunset blvd, and Pacific Palisades. Almond - is rounded on the corners and slightly pointed at the tip. You are classy yet demure. The shape makes fingers look longer and elongates the hand. Try this if you have short fingers or small nail beds. With this shape you can experiment with nail art, chevron stripes or geometric patterns. Celebrities rocking this look: Katy Perry, Rihanna and Blake Livley. Nudes and different pastel shades look great on this nail shape. Try Nude No. 1- No. 5, LA Smog, City of Angels, Mulholland drive and Pacific Palisades. Remember whatever your nail shape is, have fun with it. You don’t always have to be one shape, but go outside of the box and have fun and experiment. Accent nails, gradient shades, a pop of glitter, patterns etc are all great ways to jazz up your regular manicure. The most important part of polish is using your fingers as a canvas to explore different technique, style, colors, shapes etc. Nails are your best accessory and can be your best focal point to tying together a great look! Try on something new and wear it with confidence! nail-shapes
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